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Stafford Schliefer


Stafford Schliefer

Stafford Schliefer, self-taught artist, born in Kingston, Jamaica, has been painting professionally since the age of 28. When asked...

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Kitwana Seitu

Two devastating and life threatening strokes and their side effects took from me all my education which included my ability read or write, any training held previously as a statistician, the use of my right arm and some mobility....

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INANSI - (Nancy Burke)

MIXED MEDIA ARTIST: acrylics, pastels, assemblage, collage, ceramics, portraits, photography, poetry

Style: Enjoys diversity - and prefers to work in medium scale....

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Paul Blackwood

‘I see myself as a true to life artist, whose work must always be a mystery but easily identified’

This is how Paul Blackwood describes himself and his art.  Paul is a self-taught artist based in Kingston.  ...

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Toraine Campbell

Toraine Campbell was born in Kingston, St.Catherine Jamaica. He attended Naggo Head Primary, Excelsior High and Holmwood Technical High School, where he did the Arts and Technical subjects. He has (5) CXC subjects including Visual Arts...

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Alphanso Blake

Born in 1971 Alphanso Blake, like most artists had from childhood a sense of calling to be an artist. He began working in oils and has since transitioned to acrylics, which he uses almost exclusively. From the hills of St. Andrew where...

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Ray Jackson

Ray Jackson is an artist who illustrates various aspects of Jamaican life and nature.  Trained at the Edna Manley School for Visual and Performing Arts in Jamaica, Ray has developed a distinctive style of painting.  Over the...

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Bernard Stanley Hoyes


Painter, Sculptor, Printmaker, Photographer, Curator, Producer

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Webster Campbell

Born in Craighead, Manchester, Webster Campbell is a graduate of the Edna Manely School of the Visual and Performing Arts.  He is a well-known painter, who is known doe his work that captures hold houses, landscapes, historical...

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Richard Nattoo



Born March 29, 1993, Richard Nattoo was always an artist. Beginning with his very first inclination to ask why, the questions never...

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Ingrid Coke

Ingrid G. Coke

Artist (Self-taught/self-directed)
Born September 12, 1964
Currently lives and works in Kingston, Jamaica

Ingrid Coke is an artist whose creative philosophy is guided by her...

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Fitzroy Symister

FITZROY SYMISTER was born in Jamaica, so the natural beauty of his surrounding has nourished Symister's being. He is devoting most of his time to painting. He strives to convey the...