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    Kadiejra O'Neal

    Inkjet on fine art paper, 24x18 inches

    CHF 918.00

    Shipping From Jamaica Included


Floral Profusion - Prints by Amy Laskin

I am a painting artist originally from Philadelphia, now a resident of Jamaica and New Hampshire. My work is about the mysteries and complexity of nature and its incorporation into our human existence. I take the observations of my environment and envision humankind as a participant in their natural surroundings. My still-life paintings exude a feminine quality, featuring abundant blooms arranged in vessels woven of cloth, lace or ruffles, and set against ambient Jamaican landscapes. I use suggestions of clothing to indicate our past as well as our present histories and address female identity through the integration of figurative forms. Working from my studio in the rural Blue Mountains of Jamaica, I discovered a deep connection to nature’s treasures and mysteries. I engage in an artistic process of archiving images and collecting artifacts from my surroundings. Then I arrange and paint serene compositions that offer a re-imagined and re-contextualized meaning. Combining unlike elements became the basis for my compositions. I believe that humankind should be a regenerative interactive force for earth and our environment. “May the wondrous mysteries of mother nature and the interconnectedness of humankind be abundantly clear.”

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