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Expérience Jamaïque is a Swiss based
online portal to Jamaican and Caribbean
fine art, products, services and

EJ Art Gallery

For contemporary fine art of Jamaica and the Caribbean


For quality Jamaican products and services

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For reliable information on Jamaica’s history, culture, food, places and events

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A Call for Caribbean Fine Artist

EJ Gallery is an online gallery based in Geneva,...
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Marcus Garvey featured at Trinidad and Tobago 2021 Film Festival

Marcus Garvey (1887-1940) was an exceptional...
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Barbados Traditional Music and Dance

A brief intro to Tuk Tuk music, Tuk Band,...
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A Salted Witness

A Salted Witness - by California based Jamaican...
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Emancipation Day – August 1st

Why Emancipation Day is celebrated August 1st is...
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Meet Jamaica’s Four Maroon Chiefs

Wallace Sterling, Rudolph Pink, Marcia Douglas...