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Valerie Beaumont (ROARK)

Valerie Beaumont (ROARK) was born 23/4/56 in St. Andrew, Jamaica. As a child she was forever drawing, on walls and in her school books and knew there was only one career to pursue. She attended the Jamaica School of Art (1974 – 1978) graduating with Distinction in  Painting and Art Education, followed by post graduate work at the Escuela Nacional de Artes Plasticas (San Carlos) UNAM, Mexico, (1982 -1984), as the recipient of the Benito Juarez scholarship (1981). Returning to Jamaica, she was the sponsored artist (1988-1989) under the Life of Jamaica Young Artist programme, culminating in a one woman exhibition (1989).
Shortly thereafter, she married and left Jamaica again for world travel, not painting for many years. These nomadic times were fruitful soil for later work however, culminating in pieces influenced by her years in Pakistan and Thailand. More recently her work has veered towards an internal spiritual dimension. She has only recently begun to exhibit her work again, with another one woman show at the CAG(e) Gallery,    EMCVA (2015)
Her work is provocative, socially aware and deeply spiritual.
Exhibitions and Publications

April, 2015 -      Solo exhibition, “Consciousness Rising” at CAG(e) gallery,  EMCVA.
Dec, 2013 --      National Exhibition Group Show (JCDC), Jamaica Conference Centre, Kgn.
July, 2012 –      Cover article in “Touch” magazine, United Kingdom.
July, 2012 -        Group show “International Art for Understanding” Landeskogen Peace Centre,  
June, 1989 –    Solo exhibition,  “A Different Drummer”, Life of Jamaica Auditorium, Kgn.  

Meet the artist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84_JH_Vc2uY&feature=youtu.be


Artwork By This Artist

Price: CHF 715.00

Original, oil on canvas, 36 x 46 cm

Price: CHF 842.00

Original, oil on canvas, 48 x 89 cm, unframed

Price: CHF 735.00

Pastel on paper. 53 x 70 cm, unframed

Price: CHF 670.00

Chalk pastel on paper, 51 x 70 cm.

Price: CHF 760.00

Acrylic on canvas, 45 x 35 cm, framed

Price: CHF 1,289.00

Oil on canvas, 76.5 x 61 cm, framed

Valrie-Beaumont-Angels Arguing - 2016-11-25
Price: CHF 762.00

Original, pastel on paper, 55x74cm, framed.

Price: CHF 750.00

Mixed media on canvas, 59x74 cm, framed

Valerie-Beaumont- Morning Meditation-2016-8-3
Price: CHF 1,068.00

Original, oil on canvas, 83x64 cm, framed