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Michele Lee Lambert

Michele Lee Lambert

Finding dignity in structures that have already passed their "due date” brings me joy. Through my art, I explore the stories that lie behind their state of decay, and celebrate the lingering aesthetics. It is for this reason that I am drawn to the soiled and the rusted, far more than I am to that which is unmarked, unproven, and untouched.

Whether through the lens of a camera, the tactile medium of encaustic (beeswax, damar resin, and pigment),or oil paint and cold wax, I am also drawn to texture. I frequently fuse vintage photographs and encaustic (an ancient art form) to tell the stories of our ancestors, and show a particular beauty that is won only by the passage of time.

Awards have included Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission Visual Arts Competition (JCDC)  in the media of painting and photography, and third place jury prize in 2017. I have exhibited at the National Gallery of Jamaica, Olympia Gallery and Grosvenor Galleries, where in 2017 I had a solo art show, " A- Three-Thousand-Year Journey: Encaustic Art to Digital Photography".


Artwork By This Artist

Price: CHF 510.00

Oil and mixed media on wooden panel, 25.4x20.3 cm, framed in black shadow box 2.54 cm deep

Price: CHF 390.00

Oil and mixed media on Arches paper, 25.4x17.8 cm, framed with green/blue matte and black frame, 35.5x43.2 cm


Price: CHF 0.00

oil mix media on wooden panel, 35.5x35.5x4 cm

Price: CHF 0.00

mix media collage on wooden panel, 20x20x4 cm

Price: CHF 0.00

oil mix media on wooden panel, 61x76x4 cm

Price: CHF 426.00

Photomontage Diptych, 23 x 48 cm, framed with white matting and black frame  


Price: CHF 0.00

Oil and mixed media on wooden panel, 61x61x2.5 cm

Price: CHF 0.00

Oil and mixed media on wooden panel 91.4x61x2.5 cm

Price: CHF 426.00

45.7x25.4 cm, framed with white matte and black frame, 63.5x43.2 cm

Price: CHF 630.00

Oil and mixed media on Arches paper, 25.4x35.5 cm, framed with white matte and white frame, 43.8x55.9 cm