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Atira Robinson - AtiraR


Atira Robinson - AtiraR

Fine Artist
(Painter, Illustrator, Costume Designer, Dancer)

Atira started drawing when she was two years old. Her love for art has manifested through her insatiable desire to draw.  The interest was fueled by her love for cartoons and video games. Her early years as a student were dominated by her desire to tell stories through her art. The art of Japanese anime, surrealist artists such as Luis Royo, Valejo Boris and Josephine Wall, have all been influential in her work. Atira’s mother who is an artist and educator has also been instrumental in her development. She studied art and majored in the Textiles Department at the Edna Manley College for Visual and Performing Arts. She graduated in 2004. Her work is illustrative in nature. She is conscious of the plight of our planet and uses her artistic voice to echo the plea to save our Earth. She tackles other subject matter which reflects the celestial, spirituality, brotherhood and kinship between humans and animals. She also focuses on portraits of women highlighting their sacred divinity, beauty, strength and majesty.
Today she considers herself more as an illustrative painter. In addition to her fine art, she has illustrated covers for fictional novels, children's books and special commissioned posters. Her fine art and illustrative skills has facilitated a booming  face and body painting service that she offers for children's parties and other events.  Atira  has also designed costumes for numerous dance productions. She is a principal dancer with the Stella Maris Dance Ensemble and still finds the time to practice her passion for acrobatics on the aerial silks. Atira is most proud of her collaboration  with her mother in the creation of a series of original Jamaican fantasy characters, "JAHFAERIE", who epitomizes and convey the ideals of  love, peace, unity and good will.


Artwork By This Artist

Price: CHF 2,670.00

Acrylic paint on canvas,60x50 cm

Price: CHF 2,780.00

Mixed media on canvas, 101.6x76.2 cm

Price: CHF 1,383.00

Acrylic paint on stretched canvas, 40x48 cm

Price: CHF 1,630.00

Acrylic paint on gallery wrapped canvas, 80x80 cm

Price: CHF 1,760.00

acrylic paint on canvas, 60x76 cm

Price: CHF 1,630.00

acrylic paint on canvas (framed) 53x68 cm

Price: CHF 2,280.00

acrylic paint on stretched canvas, 30x210 cm

Price: CHF 2,280.00

acrylic paint on gallery wrapped canvas, 199x139 cm

Price: CHF 1,305.00

acrylic paint on stretched canvas, 27x53 cm

Price: CHF 1,370.00

acrylic paint on canvas, 60x93 cm

Price: CHF 1,500.00

acrylic paint on canvas 119x139 cm

Price: CHF 1,214.00

acrylic paint on stretched canvas, 27x38