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the Artist Javier

the Artist Javier
I paint free and spontaneously. My art is created through intuitive responses while engaged in the creative process. Through my art i try to provoke an emotional response.  My paintings are like dreams, memories, places or things unseen yet vaguely familiar. My art is based on the experimentation and contamination of styles, techniques and materials.

Artist Bio:
Having a background in architecture, the artist sees his Ultimate canvas in the public realm, producing public art installations, pavillions and explorations in surrealism and film.  Born in Manchester, Jamaica. Javier, an architecture student turned artist. As a multidisciplinary artist his creative arsenal includes abstract/expressionist paintings and extends to minimalism and automatism. His performance like action painting style is heavily influenced by Jackson Pollock.
  Javier's scope of work includes set design and being featured by award winning Jamaican theatre play, Heist, public mural collaborations with  the Paint Jamaica street art movement, interior murals, contemporary paintings in private collections and album/song art covers .He was recently featured in the lmago Mundi art collection Islands contemporary artist of Haiti and Jamaica, published by Antiga Edizioni, 2017.


Artwork By This Artist

Price: CHF 782.00

First edition, digital art print, framed 62x83 cm

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First edition, digital art print, framed 83x81 cm

Price: CHF 1,782.00

First edition digital art print,  88x86 cm

Price: CHF 440.00

Acrylic on canvas, unframed, 60 x 80cm

Price: CHF 570.00

Acrylic on canvas, unframed, 35 x 45cm

Price: CHF 414.00

Acrylic on molding paper on canvas,  35 x 45cm