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Nadine Anderson Cheng

Nadine Anderson Cheng

Nadine Anderson Cheng is a prolific artist, receiving an honours degree Bachelors in Graphic Communications and Environmental Graphics. Her training also included 2 years of education in fashion/textiles, painting, fine jewellery and sculpture. While she successfully opened her own advertising and marketing firm, she still felt drawn to creating fine art and sold out many of her shows.

Nadine’s work is predominantly figurative, the mood of her work yields sometimes whimsy, melancholy and introspection. She focuses on every day experiences as a starting point, directly responding to surrounding environment, often telling a story about the effects of global culture and what it means to be human.
Nadine has exhibited in the Caribbean, Florida, Chicago, New York and the United Kingdom. With reproductions sold worldwide.

Exhibitions and Artistic Endeavours - 1998 thru 2017
Mutual Life Gallery- Group exhibitions 1998 - 2002
Pegasus Gallery: Solo and Group exhibitions 1999 - 2002
Chicago Private collector exhibition 2001
United Way Charity auctions 1999 - 2000
Ikea Celebrity Benefit for displaced mothers 2008 - 2009
Art Basel Underground 2014
Wynwood ArtWalk 2014 - 2015
KROMA Art Gallery: Two Man show - 2016, Group shows - 2017 ArtServe - Group Shows 2016 - 2017
Art from the Heart - art auction for foster children

Upcoming solo exhibition:
Humanity, Anise Gallery, London


Artwork By This Artist

Price: CHF 6,500.00

Mixed media- paper collage, plaster mask mounted on canvas, 50 x 60 cm   

Price: CHF 5,850.00

Acrylic painting on canvas, 91x122 cm

Price: CHF 4,290.00

Acrylic painting on canvas, 60 x 91 cm

Price: CHF 6,500.00

Acrylic painting on canvas, 91x122x5 cm   

Price: CHF 4,290.00

Acrylic paint on canvas, 46 x 91 cm

Price: CHF 2,860.00

Acrylic painting on canvas, 46 x 91 cm   

Nadine Anderson-Cheng-AnotherBrilliantIdea-01-17-2019
Price: CHF 7,280.00

Mixed Media, paper plaster mask mounted on wood 54 x 62 cm

Price: CHF 7,280.00

Mixed mdia - paper collage, plaster mask, mounted on wood, 60 x 56 cm