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Lisa Hendricks

Lisa Hendricks

I was born in Uganda, raised in Nigeria and educated in the UK.

Image as description has always been with me, and I do not remember not drawing or reading. As a child I was entranced by stories and pictures, and as the only child of a single, working mother in Nigeria  I had much freedom to wander, wonder and adventure. And to become curious about nature and mystery. I came to live in Portland Jamaica in 1991, and remaining love with it’s dark yet vibrant beauty.
My work explores a variety of subject matter, depending on where my spirit takes me, primarily I consider myself a painter as it is the medium that terrifies, fascinates and challenges me most, I liken it to stage fright, I’m always afraid before I begin a painting.  Childhood memories of the rich cultures of Africa, combine with my experience and perceptions of Jamaica including domestic challenge informs my work as during my child rearing years my ironing board and dining room table became my studio space. And it was in between the demands of family life, I began to assemble the bits and pieces I was able to work with.

I have a love for paint and pigment, and am passionate about image construction, about the techniques and mediums involved and deeply believe that we all hold within us the power of expression though various art forms.  I worked for many years as head of the art department in one of Britain’s largest prisons, it was a perfect balance of teaching and learning, and I enjoy watching the unfolding intelligence of the disciplines of arts practice.

I studied London and hold the following qualifications in art:
MA Art and Design in Education Institute of Education
PGCE Art specialism Greenwich University
BA (Hons.) Fine Art Painting City and Guilds of London Art School

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Mixed media collage on board

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Mixed media on board, 37x44 cm

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Mixed media on canvas 222 x 45 cm

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Water colour and gouche on paper collage, 25 x 25 cm

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Water colour and gouche on paper collage 26 x 24 cm

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Water colour and gouche on paper collage 23.50 x 24.75 cm

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Mixed media on canvas 66.5 x 55.5 cm