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Katrina Abrahams

Having grown up in Jamaica has definitely influenced and inspired Katrina’s life and art. “Our land is full of colour and beauty; this is certainly one of my great inspirations“, says Abrahams.  She is deeply connected culturally and through her upbringing and sense of values has embraced her creative spirit and expresses herself through her art, bringing us back to our nature of living freely, emotionally and passionately. She has recently developed the “Designs By Katrina” line of hand painted stoneware and glassware which has been warmly received by Jamaicans and foreigners alike. Abrahams’ work is often an eclectic collection of portraits, landscapes, flora, and abstracts; she attributes this to her desire to discover and create new things and her inability to limit herself to one particular genre.  “I primarily set out for my work to inspire peace and joy in the viewer. In our world, there are many struggles and hardships and life is full of ups and downs. I believe that if we focus on that which is good, wholesome and uplifting it will evoke a mindset of thanksgiving and make a tremendous difference in our outlook and mental well-being.

Artwork By This Artist

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Mixed media and glass beads on canvas, 61x72cm

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Mixed media on canvas, 41x41 cm

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Food safe, hand painted wine glasses