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Kitwana Seitu


Kitwana Seitu

Two devastating and life threatening strokes and their side effects took from me all my education which included my ability read or write, any training held previously as a statistician, the use of my right arm and some mobility. Several subsequent hospitalizations, prescription medications to manage my various challenges including epilepsy could have defeated me.

Fortunately for me with my family and numerous friends and well-wishers, I have persevered. I have remained strong in my spirit. As a part of my recovery I turned to creating art as a way to pass my otherwise tedious sometimes physically and emotionally painful days of therapies, medication, doctor visits and other medical complications. Making art has become my lifeline and a way to enjoy life.

I have always had art in my life. My middle name ‘Seitu’ is Swahili means ‘the artist’. However, in the past I only viewed art through the eyes of my mother and sister who are both artists.  In my artistic pursuits over the past eight years, I have tried working in paint, oil pastels, pencils and eventually settled on dry /chalk pastels. With this medium my limitations became less restrictive and I have found it easier to create and more enjoyable. I feel more liberated with this way of working. 

My works are abstract fields of colour and space which reflect the joy I feel when making art. It is only on completing each piece that the stories of these compositions, suggestive of landscapes,other worlds and fields of dreams become apparent. The colours I use come to me intuitively as I work predominantly from my emotions. Although I am told that for a new artist my sense of colour is sophisticated. For me, when I use colour I am always amazed by the way just putting colour on a blank canvas/paper can change that canvas almost magically into something that gives you so much joy.  I am happy to say that these works express for me mostly the joy of being alive and help to heal the wounds of my past. 

 To date I have staged two very successful joint exhibitions at the Olympia Art gallery and the Regional Headquarters at the University of the West Indies with my fellow artist and sister Atira.I also received two Merit awards from the JCDC National Visual Art competition in2013 and 2014.

 The work continues and it is my hope is that as I have created these works and experienced my own healing with making art, others, who hear of my experiences, see my work and who have their own challenges whatever they may be will somehow gain inspiration and find hope.

I want to share my deepest gratitude and love for all who have supported me throughout the years. To my ever expanding circle of friends and well-wishers and to every one of you, I give you my love and appreciation.

Kitwana Seitu

Artwork By This Artist

Price: CHF 880.00

Unique, pastel on paper, 30x41cm

Price: CHF 650.00

Dry pastels on water colour paper. 26.63 x 53.35 cm

Price: CHF 845.00

Pastels on watercolour paper 25.5 cm x 81 cm

Price: CHF 715.00

Dry pastels on watercolour paper 25.5 cm x 72.4 cm

Price: CHF 812.50

Dry pastels on watercolour paper, 29 x 98 cm

Price: CHF 715.00

Medium dry pastels on water colour paper, 26.36 cm x 86.36 cm

Price: CHF 870.00

Dry pastels on water colour paper,  25 x 76 cm

Price: CHF 753.00

Pastels on watercolour paper  28x89 cm, unframed

Price: CHF 753.00

Pastels on watercolour paper, 28x88 cm, unframed

Price: CHF 950.00

Pastel on watercolour paper 106.68 x763.66

Price: CHF 990.00

Original, pastel on paper, 25x41 cm

Price: CHF 690.00

Original, pastel on paper, 33x43 cm