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What makes an art worth buying?

What makes an art worth buying?

To avoid being appearing to be biased I decided to answer this question posed in the title of this article, by going online to find a comprehensive answer. There are several, but I found this one quite good. It is produced by Art Business.com, a US based company that offers a range of services to the art community.  Here’s an excerpt with most of the key pointers for buying artworks:

‘What makes a particular piece of art worth buying? The answer in large part involves understanding the life, art and career of the artist who made it….

•    Search the Internet for information about the artist from as many different sources as possible. Pay special attention to interviews or features about the artist, either online or in hard copy, and pay especially special attention to the images or illustrations that accompany those features because those are usually better-quality examples of the artist's work.

•    Follow the artist on social media and visit their website.

•    Talk with collectors who are familiar with the artist, galleries who sell or represent art by the artist, and even curators or critics if you get a chance. Have them explain to you what makes the good art good and why.

•    If you're fortunate enough to have the opportunity to speak or correspond directly with the artist, ask where you can find more information about their career and experience.

•    Shop around. Get MULTIPLE opinions from MULTIPLE galleries, dealers and online sources BEFORE you buy.

•    Corroborate all claims a seller makes regarding a particular work of art (or the artist who made it). Often you can simply ask the seller for information or data that substantiates what they're telling you; other times you may have to call out for second or third opinions or go online.

The more you know about an artist, the easier you can identify which periods those are, what the art produced during those periods looks like, where the best places are to find it, and what prices are fair to pay for it. ‘

For the full article go to this link:https://www.artbusiness.com/careerspecs.html


November 2018