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Westmoreland’s Past and Present

Westmoreland’s Past and Present
There is so much to discover in the parish of Westmoreland, located south-west of Jamaica. Many tourists are familiar with Negril for its beautiful, white sand beaches and the Negril Point Lighthouse, listed among the national monuments.  Savanna-la-mar is the main town; there you can see Mannings High School which began in 1711 and is among the oldest schools in Jamaica. A fort that was constructed during the mid-18th century still stands, though not all of it.  Savanna-la-mar Baptist church was first built in 1835 and is another national monument.  The town’s Court House was built in 1925 in the traditional architectural design of that period.  Mayfield, Bluefields, Petersfield, Salem and Seaford Town are delightful, rural districts with interesting histories, some dating back to the 1400s.

Today, quaint wooden residential houses are rapidly replaced by modern housing schemes and villas, signs of growth and stability in Westmoreland.  Bluefields Beach Park is the signature south coast white sand beach that draws visitors and locals alike. You can also take a boat ride from Black River fishing village.  Looking forward to joining you all!


August 2017