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Vacationing in Jamaica in 2021


If you are contemplating having vacation abroad there is encouraging news that vacationing in Jamaica is a viable option.  Like most Caribbean islands, tourism is a big contributor to the economy both in terms of employment and foreign exchange earnings. Jamaica is among the top five countries that attract visitors. However, the COVID pandemic has dramatically reduced the number of visitors to the island.  

The good news is Jamaica’s tourist industry is making strides toward keeping tourism viable.  One of the key measures taken is establishing COVID free zones based on internationally agreed standards and practices.  These zones include many hotels and attractions along the north coast, as well as sections of the south coast where tourists often visit.  Services for testing, isolation and medical support are in place at these hotels and attractions for guests and staff.  Therefore, vacationing in Jamaica next year can be stress free.

Naturally, most attention is given to attracting visitors from Jamaica’s closest neighbours in north America.  They are historically the largest group of visitors who choose vacationing in Jamaica. A favourable consequence is that major airlines that link Jamaica with Canada and the USA are flying between these destinations.  

If you are seriously thinking about vacationing in Jamaica in 2021, the best route from Switzerland is from Zurich airport where you can catch flights with limited stopovers.  Travel authorization is required before visiting the island though, consequently it is good to check with your travel agent on this matter. Alternatively you can find details and apply for authorization directly at this link: https://www.visitjamaica.com/travelauthorization/

The usual attractions in the COVID safe corridors are open, which means that you need not to stay exclusively at the hotel.  With the help of tour operators (DMC) you will be able to go site seeing and enjoy a variety of adventures.  For more information on vacationing in Jamaica in 2021 go to:  
Visit Jamaica https://www.visitjamaica.com/

Expérience Jamaïque is planning once more a special Art Lovers Tour, a ten-day trip to Jamaica in May 2021.  For more information write to [email protected]


Also visit our gallery for contemporary Jamaican/Caribbean fine art: https://www.experiencejamaique.com/product_gallery



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