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Two Days in Kingston

Two Days in Kingston

Kingston is Jamaica’s capital, is located on the south-eastern of the island, surrounded by mountains at the north and coastline to the south.  It is a growing metropolis with over one million people.  Like all major cities there are tough places known for crime. Yet these very places have birthed world renowned artists and musicians.  There is much more to Kingston well worth visiting, but you only have two days to spare.  Here are a few suggestions on how to spend the time.

Day One
Bob Marley Museum – If you like reggae music and Bob Marley’s music, this museum is well worth visiting. You will join the list of world renowned personalities like President Obama who visited this unique venue on his whirl wind trip to Jamaica:

Spa Day at Straw Berry Hill Hotel – For panoramic views of Kingston, while being pampered go to Strawberry Hill’s Spa.  Plan to spend at least an afternoon and enjoy their sumptuous meals:

Tracks and Records bar – Did you know that the fastest man in the world is also a business man? Usain Bolt has a really cool bar in Kingston well worth visiting.  Try to time it when big games are on and get a front row seat while sipping a Jamaican rum punch. There are also great live performances not to miss: http://tracksandrecords.com/

Day Two
Port Royal Tour – Ever heard of the famous British pirate called Captain Morgan?  Port Royal became famous because of him.  It was probably his favourite place to stay when he was not pillaging ships on the high seas. Not surprisingly Port Royal became infamous in that era.  Much of old Port Royal has gone but the fort still remains with interesting stories. There are also quaint, rustic restaurants with delicious sea food menus.  After the visit you can take a ferry back to Kingston or enjoy the beach at Lime Cay.
Lime Cay Beach – This is a favourite bathing spot for Jamaicans.  Go there during the week-end and blend in with the Kingston crowd.  When you leave you will feel thoroughly Jamaican.  You will also find really good sea food dishes on offer.

Devon House – Devon House main Georgian style building symbolizes everything of Jamaica’s colonial past.  In addition to seeing a little of the lifestyle of wealthy landowners, Devon House has a delightful range of shops, bars and restaurants.  Make the ‘I Scream’ shop a priority.  They serve a marvelous mango ice cream and the coconut flavour is a strong rival, but rum and raisin is a Jamaican favourite: http://www.devonhousejamaica.com/


 November 2019