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Tips for Swiss travellers

Tips for Swiss travellers

If you are Swiss visiting Jamaica for the first time here are a few travel tips:
-    Don’t panic if the travel agency sends you a security warning, for the country is not engulfed in a war.  Jamaica relies heavily on the tourist dollar, so it’s generally safe to travel there.

-    Have the address of where you will be staying. Without it the immigration officer at Jamaica’s airport might not allow you into the island.

-    Remember that you are operating on Jamaica time, so stay relaxed and things will flow smoothly with at least 30 minutes delay.

-    Tune into the Jamaica vibe as you leave the airport. Don’t be intimidated by eye contact and saying hello. Jamaicans like to acknowledge each other’s presence. For them it is common courtesy.

-    If you choose to drive, stay on the left like in Britain. Be prepared for crazy driving by taxi drivers who are trying to make a much money in the shortest possible time.  

-    The narrow, winding roads will remind you of the mountainous roads here in Switzerland, the big difference that some roads have surprisingly large pot holes due to the porous limestone soil. So, take full insurance for your rented car.  

-    Water is safe to drink, but coconut water is more delightful or a cold Red Stripe beer on a hot day.

-    The guide book you bought in Switzerland is probably out of date, for there are constantly new developments taking place.  Take along the guide, but also get local advice on where to go and what to do.

-    Tips and gladly accepted for services, but not insisted upon. Start at $500 Jamaican.


June 2018