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The Swiss Jamaican Connection ll

The Swiss Jamaican Connection ll

Introduction to the relationship between Switzerland and Jamaica

A few years ago, I wrote a short blog about Swiss Store’s history that began in Jamaica in 1932 and its role toward establishing economic connections between both countries.https://www.experiencejamaique.com/blog/little-history-swiss-jamaican-connection

Many years later the Swiss and Jamaican governments entered bilateral relations shortly after Jamaica gained its independence.  Since then their relationship continues through diplomatic, economic and cultural cooperation.  Though neither countries have strong economic ties, the connection is nonetheless evident in both.

Nestlé and Swiss Store are two companies well known in Jamaica that are actively involved in the country’s development. Swiss Store has a long reputation for selling luxury jewellery and watches. The company also houses the Consulate General of Switzerland as the former and current Directors are Swiss nationals.   It is a founding member and sponsor of Kingston Creative; a dynamic non-government organization transforming downtown Kingston through art and culture. https://www.experiencejamaique.com/blog/kingston-creative-transformation-agenda

Like Swiss Store, Nestlé is involved Jamaica’s development.  Last year the company launched the Nestlé Health and Wellness Foundation with the mission to shape the country’s landscape by sharing and building nutrition knowledge with their consumers, employees and business partners.  https://www.nestle-caribbean.com/our-impact/nestl%C3%A9-jamaica-health-wellness-foundation
For many Swiss Jamaica is synonymous to reggae, which is popular among all ages.  During the summer months, reggae festivals are held across the country.  In Geneva where I live, Plain-les-Watts three-day reggae festival attracts thousands. Their line-up of artists always includes well known Jamaican reggae artists. https://www.pleinleswatts.ch/

Today well over one hundred Swiss are resident in Jamaica. Similarly, several Jamaicans like me, have made Switzerland home.  So, the connection continues.


For more information on this topic go to:  https://www.eda.admin.ch/eda/en/fdfa/representations-and-travel-advice/jamaica/switzerland-jamaica.html

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