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For the Sweet Tooth

For the Sweet Tooth

 If you have a ‘sweet tooth’ and enjoy tropical fruits you’d enjoy traditional Jamaican sweets and pastries made with local fruits and lots of sugar. Here are just a few that you must have.

  • Gizzada is an adaptation of a Portuguese sweet; made with grated coconut with a pastry base.
  • Coconut drops are sweets made with diced coconut, sugar and ginger.
  • Grater cake is a dessert of grated coconut in a fondant of sugar.
  • Stagga Back/Busta is a dark, hard sweet made from grated coconut and wet sugar.
  • Banana fritters is a light pastry, perfect for breakfast with banana as the key ingredient, along with eggs, flour, sugar and spices with a little cinnamon and vanilla.
  • Plantain tart is a pastry with ripe plantain as the key ingredient.
  • Sweeting potato pudding has a rich mixture of evaporated milk, coconut milk, sugar, vanilla, nutmeg, salt, sherry, rum and butter with grated sweet potato.
  • Tamarind balls are made with the fruit's sticky flesh rolled with brown sugar into round sweet and sour balls.

June 2018