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Sunshine Girls

Sunshine Girls

Did you know that Jamaica has a world class netball team called the Sunshine Girls?  They currently rank third in the world by the International Netball Federation. This elite team that has competed in every World Netball Championship since 1959 placing no lower than sixth place.  They have also been successful at other international games including the Commonwealth Games. Sunshine Girls’ successes outstrip those of the national football and cricket teams, despite not having the same level of spectator support and media coverage.

There is a story behind the Sunshine Girls success. Netball was introduced in schools in 1909, not long after the sport came into existence.  Over the years it has grown to become the number one women’s and team sport in Jamaica.  

Today, Netball Jamaica, the governing body actively seeks to encourage greater participation and spectator interest.  Typically, girls begin playing netball in secondary schools, where there are several inter-school and club competitions. One of their newer initiatives is called Pickney Netball, designed to introduce the game to basic school children (3-6 years old). Can you picture little ones playing netball?  So cute!   

For more about the netball click here:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netball_Jamaica


February 2019