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Producing Jamaican Coffee

Producing Jamaican Coffee

Jamaica’s high mountain and Blue Mountain coffee is rare and exquisite. It occupies approximately 0.1% of the overall Colombian coffee export. No wonder a cup of Jamaican coffee in Europe costs a fortune. 

Coffee was introduced to Jamaica in 1728 and is now cultivated throughout the Blue Mountains range. This region provides the optimum soil and climatic conditions. The ripe red berries are hand-picked and floated in water on two occasions before processing. Only top quality beans are selected through an extensive examination and elimination process. 

The Jamaica Coffee Industry Board grades the beans according to certain verified characteristics and size. These grades are numbers 1, 2, 3 and Peaberry beans. The final test is tasting the coffee brewed, taking into account its body and color. The taste is quite distinctive, for it has a good level of acidity, with a clean full body taste and an intense aroma that comes from the color of the beans.  

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