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Presidents & Prime Ministers

Presidents & Prime Ministers

Recently Alan Berset became president of Switzerland’s Confederation for 2018.  One of the remarks frequently made of Berset is his age, 45 years, which makes him the youngest person to hold this high position in over eight decades of Swiss political history.  Coincidentally Jamaica’s current prime minister Andrew Holness is the same age. Holness entered representational politics when he was 25 years old, served a brief stint as prime minister in 2011-2012, before returning to this post in 2016.  Jamaica’s political system is based on the British Westminster model, therefore prime ministers generally serve for four years, with the possibility of extending to a second term if their party wins in a general election.  Since Jamaica’s independence from Britain in 1962 there has been nine prime ministers from the nation’s two main political parties.  Here are a few images of Andrew Holness, as well as some of the more recent prime ministers -  Portia Simpson, Bruce Golding, P.J. Patterson, Edward Seago, Michael Manley and Hugh Shearer.

To know more about them visit this link: http://www.jamaica-land-we-love.com/jamaican-prime-ministers.html


January 2018