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North to South Coast Road Travel

North to South Coast Road Travel

When travelling by road from Montego Bay on the north coast to Kingston in the south, there are a few things you ought to know.

Remember to drive on the left, as they do in the UK. The roads in urban centres are similar in width to those in Switzerland. To accommodate the growing road traffic many two-way streets are now one-way, take your queue from local motorists. You will find roundabouts mainly in the centre of rural towns that drivers generally use correctly with some exceptions. Therefore, approach these round-abouts with caution.   

In recent years new highways have been constructed to accommodate the growing vehicular traffic.  The best route from the north to the south coast is Highway 2000, as it reduces the travel time by almost half. However, the toll rates are quite high.  Consequently, the old route through the Spanish Town gauge and winding mountain roads remains the preferred option for many drivers. This is a ‘life saver’ for roadside venders who are not allowed to do business on the highway.

Be mindful that taxi and mini-bus drivers always aim the cover any distance in the shortest time by whatever means possible, as their passengers pay a flat rate. Whenever you are driving give these drivers a wide berth and don’t attempt to stay ahead of them. Should you happen to see them through your rear-view mirror overtaking three vehicles or more at once, let them pass you for the sake of the passengers.

If these warnings have left you a bit scared, try the Knutsford Express Coach for travelling across the island.  You can buy tickets online and get your ride at the airport upon arrival.  It is an easy way to travel from Montego Bay to Kingston within 3 hours. The rides are comfortable, as you sit high above the road traffic, while watching old American comedies and sitcoms…enjoy!


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January 2020