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National Gallery West



National Gallery West and Montego Bay Cultural Centre

In 1974 the National Gallery of Jamaica was established with its first home at Devon House in Kingston.  The gallery grew and eventually moved to its present location in downtown Kingston.  Another milestone was the establishment of a branch in Montego Bay, Jamaica’s second city.  (Read more about the National Gallery here National Gallery of Jamaica)

National Gallery West began in 2014 and is located at the Montego Bay Cultural Centre in the famous Sam Sharpe Square.  The Cultural Centre building was firstly a courthouse, built in the 19th century and much later became Montego Bay civic centre. After extensive refurbishing by a group of partners including St James Parish Council and the Tourism Enhancement Fund, the building now houses National Gallery West, as well as branches of the Institute of Jamaica and National Museum.  (About National Gallery West)

Montego Bay Cultural Centre is an important venue for visitors interested in the island’s cultural and physical history.  Both National Gallery West and National Museum stage permanent and moving exhibitions, although curtailed at present due to the COVID pandemic.

National Gallery West is located in the domed building at the back of the centre. In the recent past they had a range of activities designed to reach all audiences.  Visitors could see a selection of artworks that showcase Jamaica’s art historic and contemporary art. In normal times a series of exhibitions are held throughout the year that provide a valuable opportunity for artists in western Jamaica to exhibit their works.  All is not lost however, for the children’s program has gone online. See their recent activities here: Facebook National Gallery West

Presently National Gallery West and the rest of the cultural centre are temporarily closed due to the pandemic.  Once the gallery and centre reopen visitors will be welcomed.  Stay abreast of the latest news on the centre at this link: Montego Bay Cultural Centre


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June 2021