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Nakazzi Hutchinson The journey continues…

Nakazzi Hutchinson - The journey continues…

Nakazzi Hutchinson is a woman of the Caribbean whose artistic roots are entangled in Jamaica and Barbados.  

Born in Jamaica in the turbulent 1970s, she is the daughter of Dawn Scott, a rebellious creative force, whose talent for dissent she inherited. Nakazzi’s father imprinted his radical political sensibilities on his daughter.Born to the twin privilege of color and class in neo-colonial Barbados, Michael Hutchinson chose to claim an alternative identity as Ras Ikaei Tafari, the anti-colonialist element of his complex heritage.

Nakazzi’s art manifest a revolutionary aesthetic that is simultaneously sensual and philosophical, political and erotic.  

Her sculpted masks that invite to touch originate in a deeply spiritual place.  They invoke ancestral presence and organically connect the mystical and material worlds. Nakazzi’s landscapes are peopled with shape-shifters, embodied spirits whose dreadlocks become tree roots reaching upward to the sky and down to the earth. 

Trees solidly rooted in water evoke the permeability of the conventional boundaries that divide the fantastic and the everyday.

Nakazzi’s large-scale sculptural installations are often suspended between the ethereal and the earth bound.  They appear fragile but they bear the weight of her imagination with remarkable ease.


Nakazzi: http://www.nakazzi.com/



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