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Museums to Visit

 Museums to Visit

If you like delving into history, there are a variety of interesting museums on Jamaica. These museums and historical sites tell the story of the island’s political, military, economic, social and cultural history.  Here is a short guide to some museums and historical sites worth visiting.


Pre-colonial and Early Colonial History
-    Taino Museum of the first Jamaican, Kingston https://instituteofjamaica.org.jm/
-    Fort Charles, Port Royal http://www.jnht.com/site_fort_charles.php
-    The Hanover Museum   http://museums-ioj.org.jm/?p=573
-    The National Institute of Jamaica, Kingston  https://instituteofjamaica.org.jm/
-    Montego Bay Museum at Sam Sharpe Square 
-    Columbus Park museum, Discovery Bay  https://historygreatest.com/columbus-park-jamaica
-    Fort Haldane in St. Mary  http://www.jnht.com/site_fort_haldane.php
-    Fort George in Port Antonio http://www.jnht.com/site_fort_george.php


Modern History
-    Liberty Hall -The legacy of Marcus Garvey, Kingston  http://www.jnht.com/site_liberty_hall.php
-    National Institute of Jamaica https://instituteofjamaica.org.jm/
-    Seaford Town in Westmoreland http://www.jamaicatravelandculture.com/destinations/westmoreland/seaford-town.htm
-    The Peoples Museum of Craft and Technology in Spanish Town http://museums-ioj.org.jm/?p=2249
-    Bustamante Museum, https://www.facebook.com/Bustamante-Museum-122743997794923/
-    National Heroes park, Kingston
-    Bank of Jamaica Currency Museum http://boj.org.jm/currency/currency_museum.php


-    Bob Marley Museum, Kingston http://www.bobmarleymuseum.com/
-    Peter Tosh museum, Kingston  http://petertosh.com/museum/
-    Trench Town Culture Yard, Kingston  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UF3qODUlhU
-    National Museum of Jamaica  http://museums-ioj.org.jm/


Natural History
-    Institute of Jamaica Natural History Museum, Kingston  https://instituteofjamaica.org.jm/
-    Hope Botanical Gardens in Kingston http://www.visitjamaica.com/hope-botanical-gardens


 Culture and Lifestyle
-    Devon House, Kingston https://www.devonhouseja.com/
-    Greenwood Great House, Montego Bay     http://www.greenwoodgreathouse.com/
-    Rose Hall Great House,  https://rosehall.com/
-    Noel Coward’s Firefly House,http://www.firefly-jamaica.com/
-    Bellfield Great House and Garden, Montego Bay
-    Halse Hall Great House, Clarendon http://www.jnht.com/site_halse_hall_great_house.php

Art History
-    National Gallery of Jamaica, Kingston http://www.visitjamaica.com/national-gallery-of-jamaica     http://natgalja.org.jm/

-    Harmony Hall Art Museum, Ocho Rios  http://www.harmonyhall.com/Gallery/gallery.htm


Also visit our art gallery:  https://www.experiencejamaique.com/product_gallery


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