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Miss World 2019

Miss World 2019

Toni-Ann Singh was recently crowned Miss World 2019 at the annual Miss World Pageant, held this year in London. She competed with contestants representing 110 country, to earn the crown. This year’s top three winners besides Miss Jamaica, were second-place winner Miss France and in third place Miss India. During the pageant Singh displayed considerable vocal talent when she sang the Whitney Houston’s hit song, I Have Nothing.

Prior to the Miss World pageant Toni-Ann Singh won the crown for Miss Jamaica World 2019. Shortly before this victory, she competed in the Florida Caribbean Association beauty competition.

Singh, 23-year old, was born in Morant Bay, St. Thomas south east of Jamaica. She later migrated to the USA where she attends Florida State University and recently graduated with majors in psychology and women’s studies. She plans to continue her studies in medicine.

Gaining the coveted Miss World crown is not a first for Jamaica, as there were three other beauty queens who received this title – Carol Crawford in 1963, Cindy Breakspear in 1976, and Lisa Hannah in1993.

Gaining the Miss World 2019 title means a victory for all Jamaicans, even the beauty pageant sceptics.   Talk to any Jamaican and about this and they would probably say with pride ‘wi likkle, but wi tallawah’ (we’re little, but we’re strong).


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