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Mandeville’s First

Mandeville’s First

When you visit Mandeville, you will get a sense of history there, which it has. In fact, there are a number of ‘firsts’ in Mandeville. This is because Mandeville became the ‘home away from home’ for British settlers during the 1800s, for it is over 600 metres above sea level, with temperatures ranging between 23 and 30 degrees Celsius. Here are a few of the firsts:

The first golf and tennis clubs in Jamaica and possibly the Caribbean started in 1868 and are still in operation today.

 Many of the first businesses in the English-speaking Caribbean started here. The Mandeville Hotel began in 1875 and continues to receive guests today, but with a completely modern look.
The Horticultural Society in among the oldest in the world, not surprising since the climate and rich soil are ideal for growing a wide variety of flowering plants.

The first ‘Free Library’ was established here in 1938 and is the oldest Parish Library in the island.

Although the court house has been renovated over the years some of its original features from 1817 remain.

Among the great houses, Marshall Pen is the oldest.  Constructed in the late 1700 and owned by the Earl of Balcarres, who was Governor of Jamaica during 1795 to 1801.

Some of the earliest high mountain coffee farms can be found in Mandeville’s hills.

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October 2018