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A Local’s Top 10 Tips for Visitors

A Local’s Top 10 Tips for Visitors
If you are looking for an up to date article on places to go and things to do in Jamaica there is a guide written by Jamaican Nick Davis for the Guardian, a British newspaper.  Not only is it provide insight on some Jamaican’s preferences, but also sensitive to an audience that is aware of the UK’s historical connection.  Therefore, Davis gives the reader a bit of context, as well as guidance on the costs in sterling, which is useful if you are travelling on a budget.  

Another refreshing aspect of the article are the places, cuisines and events that are not on top of the traditional tourist guide list, possibly with one or two exceptions.  Activities listed for a wide age range and interests. Personally, I am pleased that Davis included art venues.

So, if you want to know some of the best vegan food joints, find the truly local herb house or ride the surfs and see glorious sunsets, this article offers all these and more.
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December 2018