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The Little Theatre

The Little Theatre

 The Little Theatre Movement (LTM) annual pantomime season began last December and continues to May; a tradition since 1941 that continues to today.  Besides being a pioneer organization for the performing arts, the LTM was instrumental in constructing The Little Theatre in Kingston during 1961. Over the years the complex with the theatre and adjoining buildings have been renovated and expanded to meet growing demands. Besides the LTM, the complex is also the home for the National Dance Theatre Company (NDTC), the Jamaica Folk Singers and other performing arts groups.

As a popular venue for live performances, the Little Theatre always has a year-long calendar of plays, dances and musicals. Drama productions could be a little challenging for audiences not conversant with Jamaican creole. But the animated style of acting provides strong visual clues of the story line.  So, make the Little Theatre part of your cultural experience.

January 2018