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Little Ochie Restaurant

Little Ochie Restaurant

What started as every seafood lover’s secret place at Alligator Pond, south coast Manchester, is now an internationally known ‘great place to eat’ (TripAdvisor).

Little Ochie restaurant began in 1989 by its owner Evrol ‘Blackie’ Christian and is one of favourite eating haunts among Jamaicans and visitors alike.

The purposely rustic design of the restaurant fits perfectly with its coastal location by the sea.  Little Ochie restaurant specializes in sea food cuisine.

Their most popular dish is steamed Snapper fish simmered in a creamy sauce of fresh vegetables served with oven hot bammy (cassava) or festival (cornmeal and flour mix).

All their dishes are cooked to order and the daily menu includes lobster, crab, shrimps, and a variety of fish cooked steamed, peppered, curried, stewed and fried. Jamaica’s famous jerk spices add a zesty flavor to their crab, shrimp, and lobster dishes.

Little Ochie claims that their grilled lobster dishes are better than any of those found in the finest Jamaican restaurants. We’ll let you be the judge.  


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Little-Ochie-Jamaica/258886784129711

Official site:http://www.littleochie.com/About_us.htm

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March 2017