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Kingston Creative Artwalk

Kingston Creative Artwalk

If you happen to be in Jamaica during the last week-end of any month and love the arts, then you must go to the Artwalk in downtown Kingston on Sunday.  This rapidly developing initiative brings together visual and performing artists share and display their creative talents.   These events take place at various locations including the National Gallery and Convention Centres, as well as F&B Downtown/Swiss Store owned by Ueli Bangerter, Switzerland’s honorary consul to Jamaica and executive team member of Kingston Creative.

Besides hosting the monthly live events, Kingston Creative Artwalk has a much greater goal to ‘empower entrepreneurs to create economic and social value, gain access to global markets and have a positive impact on their local communities. We now host a monthly meetup for creative networking and our next big project will be creating a series of murals to develop an art district Downtown.’  Two artist Bernard Stanley Hoyes and Alphanso Blake exhibiting Expérience Jamaïque gallery are among the artists creating murals.

 Here are a few images of the monthly Artwalks and for more on this fascinating initiative visit their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/events/584571875274354/


November 2018