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Jamaica’s Big Events in July & August 2022


Jamaica’s Big Events in July & August 2022


What: Carnival in Jamaica
When: June 24 – July 16
Where: various locations in Kingston, St. Anne and St. Thomas
Website link: Bacchanal Jamaica 


What: Boston Jerk Fest – all age festival of jerk food and cultural events
When: July 1-2
Where: Boston, Portland
Website link: Boston Jerk Fest 


What: Reggae Sumfest 2022
When: July 18-23
Where: various locations in Montego Bay
Website link: Reggae Sumfest 


What: Merritones on the Beach
With: Music by The Merritones, Ernie Smith, Heather Grant, Gem Myers and more classics.
When: July 31
Where: Marley Beach, Boscobel, St. Mary
Tickets: Fontana Pharmacy at Waterloo Square, Kingston and Ocho Rios, St.Ann


What: The National Dance Theatre Company (NDTC) 60th Season of Dance
When: July 22- August 14 (Fridays, Saturdays at 8:pm, Sundays at 5:00pm)
Where: Little Theatre, Tom Redcam Avenue, Kingston.
Website link: https://ndtcjamaica.org/
Contact: NDTC 


What: Dream Weekend – adult weekend party and stage performances
When: July 29-August 1
Where: Negril
Website link: Dream Weekend


What: Montego Bay Jerk Festival
When: Monday August 1st
Where: Catherine Hall, Montego Bay
Website link: Montego Bay Jerk Festival 


What: Jamaica Independence Celebrations – Reigniting A Nation
When:     August 1st Emancipation Jubilee at Seville Heritage Park, St. Ann
    August 1st National Interfaith Service, Emancipation Park, Kingston
August 1st Jamaica 60 Float and Street Parades in Kingston, Montego Bay, Mandeville, Ocho Rios
    August 1st Festival Queen Coronation, Kingston
    August 2nd Jamaica 60 Film Festival
August 3rd Mello-Go-Round show casing the best of the performing arts (Kingston and  Montego Bay)
August 4th Jamaica Gospel Star Finals, Kingston
August 5th Jamaica Festival Songs with the Stars, Kingston
August 6 Independence Day Grand Gala, National Arena, Kingston
Where: Jamaica National Independence Village, National Stadium, Independence Park, Kingston,
Website Link:  Jamaica Cultural Development Commission  

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