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Intuitive Artists

Intuitive Artists

Excerpt from the National Gallery of Jamaica article titled The Intuitives

Jamaica has a well-developed culture of self-taught, popular artist, who paint, sculpt and work in other media to propagate political or religious views, to advertise or to create expressions of a more personal nature.

Their work draws from various traditions, but especially Jamaica’s African heritage, and continues to be part of the cultural and visual dialogues that shape art in Jamaica today.

Many of these artists have never made it onto the art-historical record and have remained anonymous or known only in their immediate communities.

A few have however received national and international recognition, starting with John Dunkley and David Miller Senior and Junior who were first given exposure by the Institute of Jamaica in the 1930s and 40s, as part of the talent-scouting efforts of the emerging nationalist movement of that period.

Others gained recognition in the post-independence period, such as the Revival leader Mallica “Kapo” Reynolds, who came to public attention in the 1960s.

Other intuitive artists on display at the National Gallery are Everald Brown, William “Woody” Joseph, Sidney McLaren, Albert Artwell, Gaston Tabois, Allan “Zion” Johnson and Doc Williamson.


For the complete article go to https://natgalja.org.jm/jamaican-art/the-intuitives/


March 2018