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Grenada's Underwater Sculpture Park




Grenada is home to the first marine sculptural park which began in 2006, by British environmentalist and sculpture Jason de Caires Taylor. Located at the island’s Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park at the Molinere-Beauséjour Marine Reserve, the Park captured global attention to this tiny island.

The Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park was created after the devastation to Granada’s coral reef caused by Hurricane Ivan in 2004.   It was estimated that 89% of homes were destroyed by that hurricane.  The park started with sixty-five pieces.

These sculptures were carefully designed to attract marine life, acting as an artificial reef to stimulate coral growth. Consequently, they are constantly changing.  The collection has been expanding, especially after some were damaged because of a storm in 2008.  The most recent expansion took place in November when thirty-one new sculptures were added to the Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park.

The latest additions were the result of a collaboration between Jason de Caires Taylor and Grenadian artist Troy Lewis. The sculptures capture various aspects of Grenada’s rich history and culture.  The latest collection for instance, showcases five emblematic Grenadian carnival masquerades, namely Jab Jab, Vieux Corps, Shortknee, Wild Indian, and Pretty Mas. Lewis’ works include Leatherback Turtle, Mama Glo, La Diablesse and Bele Dancer, all rooted in Grenada’s culture.

At the inauguration of the latest additions to the Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park Randall Dolland, CEO of the Grenada Tourism Authority expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "We are delighted to announce the addition of these 31 stunning sculptures to the Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park. This expansion not only enhances the visitor experience but also deepens our connection to the rich cultural tapestry of our nation. It reinforces our dedication to sustainable tourism and marine conservation."


November 2023