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Galleries and Private Auctions

Galleries and Private Auctions

An adaptation of an article by Rachel Barrett titled Art and Culture
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On the last Sunday of every month, the National Gallery of Jamaica (NGJ), the oldest national fine arts institution in the Caribbean located on the waterfront in downtown Kingston, remains open for extended hours and features emerging musicians, free tours, dance and theatre performances, as well as launches for books and films. The NGJ remains a central point for visitors and locals to learn about Jamaica’s rich visual arts tradition from the permanent collection that chronicles the island’s visual arts history from colonial times to the present day, a source of educational programming and means of connecting with the broader Caribbean art community.

There has been a shift in both the infrastructure for art in Jamaica as well as the market itself. Caribbean art collector Susanne Fredericks noted that “Commercial galleries have closed their doors or downsized…[However] sales of mainstream representational works are sustained, and the secondary market is still quite vibrant… Artists are increasingly faced with difficulty showing their work and thereby, nurturing new buyers and collectors.”

Bearing in mind the art landscape is tricky to navigate, several charities and foundations stage auctions throughout the year. Perhaps the best bet to find these art auctions whilst you’re in town is in the local newspapers or hotel front desk concierge services.  From time to time, dealers like Fredericks also stage pop-up exhibitions of work by contemporary artists. Similarly, galleries such as Hi-Qo Art & Framing Gallery and Decor VIII in Kingston, the Gallery of West Indian Art in Montego Bay, the Harmony Hall gallery in Ocho Rios and to the east the Portland Art Gallery in the Old Port Antonio Railway Station are good places to look for burgeoning local talent.


 September 2018