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Food shopping in Jamaica

Food shopping in Jamaica

If you are planning vacationing in Jamaica, food is naturally an important part of the budget, especially if you are not staying in all-inclusive hotels. Hotel and villa operators, such as Mais Oui are willing to give tips on the best places to dine or shop for food items. Here is an excerpt of their blog on how much food cost in Jamaica.
When planning your stay, we recommend that you budget about US$45-$65 per person per day (at restaurants), US$55 on average, for groceries (a week). This does not include alcohol or snacks. The cost of food is dependent on several factors, including availability, source, transportation and delivery charges, foreign exchange rates for imported food items and the location where the food it bought.  Naturally your eating habits and choice of menu will also affect the price.  

If you plan to buy groceries to prepare your meals get advice from the management of the villa or hotel where you stay on food shopping venues in their area. Generally, supermarkets in main commercial centres offer a good range of products at reasonable prices.  Farmers market is a great place to find fresh local produce. However, to get the best prices at these markets we suggest that you go with a local and always use Jamaican currency.

To give you an idea of the cost of food here are a few items that you will find in supermarkets:
Large loaf of brown bread – CHF2.30
3 kg bag of long grain rice – CHF 3.60
White flour per kg – CHF 1.26
1 kg granulated sugar – CHF 1.60
1 flat eggs – CHF 7.39
Litre of milk – CHF 2.48
16 oz Blue Mountain coffee – CHF 15
Dozen oranges – CHF 3.91
Watermelon per kg – CHF 2.87
Fresh fish per kg – CHF 10.78
Chicken per kg – CHF 3.64
1 case of Red Stripe beer - CHF 24.62.

See Mais Oui blog at this link - https://blog.makeitjamaica.com/food-prices-in-jamaica-2/


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January 2020