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The Exhibition is Open!

The Exhibition is Open!

 Expérience Jamaïque gallery’s twelve-day art exhibition opened on Tuesday September 10th, showcasing artworks of five fine artists – Andrae Green, Alphanso Blake, Lisa Hendricks, Nadine Anderson-Cheng and Stafford Schliefer. Under the theme ‘Out of Many One,’ inspired by Jamaica’s motto, the exhibition illustrates the varied artistic styles of the contemporary Jamaican art scene.

Staged in partnership with the Jamaica Tourist Board, this exhibition is an exceptional occasion for art lovers in Switzerland to see artworks exclusively by Jamaican artists. The reception was held in collaboration with the Permanent Mission of Jamaica, with Minister Daryl Vaz formally opening the exhibition.

Andrae Green was the ‘artist in residence’ at the reception.  Trained in Jamaica and the USA, Green’s collection of paintings was both powerful and provocative. His work has been exposed internationally, including at the Louvre in Paris. This is his first in Switzerland.  Among his artworks on exposition are Stoning Whales, Nine Lives of St. Sebastian and Another Brick Wall 1&2, among others.

The exhibition is housed at Studio Art Unlimited, 25 Grand Rue, Old Town Geneva and closes on Sunday September 22nd.




September 2019