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Emerging Abstract Artist Gina Gray


Emerging Abstract Artist GINA GRAY


 Gina Gray discovered her love for art later in life, which surprised her as her formal education and work experiences have been in the sciences and business. No one in her family are considered artists. Yet her exposure to art became so intoxicating and hypnotic that she decided to embark on a self-taught, journey as an abstract artist.

Inspired by artists, like John Beckley, Gray’s artistic style is contemporary minimalistic, utilizing both subtle and heavy textures, as well as masking techniques.

“The abstraction in my art seeks to provoke each person’s mind to interpret something different from the next. It gives me pleasure to listen to two people looking at the same piece of art and having totally different interpretations.” Gray aims to give viewers a therapeutic experience when viewing her artworks

Much of Gray’s experience as an emerging artist took place in the USA, where she lived for several years. Her works have been exhibited at art shows in Dayton Ohio, Kansas City and California.  

“The highlight of my career was being accepted into several group exhibitions in the USA and not only getting art sold, but also receiving certificates of merit for my submissions.” The exhibitions include:

-    October 2019 Light, Space & Time Online Gallery 3rd Annual Patterns Art Exhibition 2019; Special Recognition Award
-    Oct 24 – Dec 16, 2019, Town of Danville ~ Village Theatre Art Gallery's 1st Affordable Art Show,
-    November - December 2019 Jones Gallery November Group Art Show, Kansas City
-    November 15 – 28, 2019 Blue Line Arts Gallery “US Show”, California
-    January 2020 Light, Space & Time Online Gallery 9th All Women Art Exhibition; Special Recognition Award
-    May 15, 2020, through July 15, 2020, Created in Isolation Art Exhibition (online)
-    November 2022 Light, Space & Time Online Gallery 4th Primary Colors Exhibition; Top 8 (3D Art) AND Special Merit Award(painting)

Since returning to Jamaica Gina Gray opened a boutique art gallery at 1 Ardenne Road in Kingston. Her works can also be seen online at EJ Gallery and Artsy.  She also exhibits at art fairs and pop-up exhibitions on the island.


Besides being a devoted mother and grandmother, Gray’s vision is to contribute to health and wellness through art and to help others unveil their hidden artistic talent and/or the value of art appreciation.  She makes a small donation from her art sales to the Jamaica Cancer Society in honor of her parents, who both died from cancer.


November 2022