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EJ Gallery Spring Collection


EJ Gallery Spring Collection

EJ Gallery (Switzerland) is pleased to announce its exhibition of artworks by 20 contemporary Caribbean artists. This virtual exhibition has artworks by renown masters, as well as mid and early career artists from Barbados, Haiti, Jamaica and the Bahamas.

The collection includes:
 Photographic works by Kadiejra O’Neal, Olivia McGilchrist, Patrick Planter and Ryan Eccleston

Prints by Amy Laskin and Lisa Hendricks

Installation by Nadine Anderson-Cheng

Oil on canvas paintings by Bernard Stanley-Hoyes, Katrina Abrahams, Stafford Schiefer, Thorold DeMercado and Valerie ROARK Beaumont

Mixed media paintings by Andy Jefferson, Judith Salmon, Caroline Anderson

Acrylic on canvas paintings by Alphanso Blake, Gina Gray, Harry Abilhomme and Marly Desir

Drawing with pastels by Kitwana Sietu

The virtual exhibition hall allows viewers to not only see the artworks, but also learn about the artists who created them.  

To visit the exhibition simply click on this link – EJ Gallery Spring Collection

The exhibition ends on May 14, 2022

For more information about the exhibition write to [email protected]



April 2022