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An easy Bammy recipe


An easy Bammy recipe made with cassava

Made from cassava (a starchy root vegetable), this Jamaican favourite is often served with fish.  You may find it in the international food section of your supermarket.  If you do, here are two easy recipes

Fried Bammy:
-    Cut bammy in wedges (or strips, like French fries)
-    Place in a small bowl
-    Mix enough milk (regular or coconut) with salt and pepper to taste, to cover the bammy. Soak for 15 minutes
-    Fry in greased, non-stick pan.
-    Top as desire with your favorite garnish

Steamed Bammy:
-    Soak bammy in a mixture of milk, water, and salt. Soak overnight if possible
-    Heat a non-stick frying pan over medium heat
-    Drain excess milk from bammy; butter the pieces on both sides and place in pan
-    Cover and steam for five to six minutes on a low heat until brown on each side.
-    Drizzle honey or pancake syrup on top; or eat with scramble eggs or topping of your choice.


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Updated August 2020