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Downtown Kingston is the place to be

Downtown Kingston is the place to be

Downtown Kingston for some Jamaicans is a ‘no-go’ zone.  For others like me, downtown is the place to be and there are many reasons why this is so.  Here are just a few:
-    It is the oldest part of the city, rich with history exemplified by 18th and 19th century buildings situated comfortably alongside 21st century architecture.

-    Several important institutions are there, including the central bank, the national art gallery, key government ministries and offices, The House of Parliament, the International Seabed Authority, the supreme court, just to name a few.

-    It is the heartbeat of commerce with a newly revived China town; Coronation Market which is said to be the largest farmers market in the Caribbean; well-known family stores like the Swiss Store that have been in operation for generations, as well as large corporations, such as Scotia Bank.

-    On the southernmost point is Victoria Pier, which might not be a prime bathing spot, but nonetheless has a certain charm. There you will find restaurants and parks where you can enjoy the sea breeze, have great food and watch the sunset.

So, downtown Kingston is definitely worth visiting.  Tell me what you think.


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May 2019