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Chocolate Makers in Grenada


Satisfy your sweet tooth: Chocolate experiences in Grenada

Loop Caribbean May 19, 2023


How much do you love chocolate? On the Caribbean Island of Grenada, it is possible to get even closer to that sweet relationship with various chocolate factory and estate tours on the island. 

Cocoa was first introduced to Grenada in the 1700s by the French. The island has chocolate factories, cocoa farms, estates and other experiences so that visitors could try to learn more about the history of cocoa on the island, how it’s used in different products and where it’s made. Here are some chocolate experiences in Grenada:  

Located in Victoria, Grenada, The Diamond Chocolate Factory offers a factory tour or an agro tour at its model organic coca farm.  
Visitors can schedule a tour to view the machines that make Jouvay Chocolate, enjoy a tasting tour or take a stroll through the 3-acre model organic cocoa farm.  

 A unique experience can be found at this 17th century organic farmland. Visitors can participate in several tours which combine heritage and history.  
There’s the classic tour to discover how cocoa beans are made into chocolate, the tree to bar chocolate tour where guests experience the complete bean to bar process, a farm tour which is focused on regenerative farming and a goat dairy tour that explores the world of goat and dairy and goat cheese making.  

Looking for more than just a chocolate tour? The makers of Tri Island Chocolate do more just make the sweet treat to eat, they offer several different experiences including a Chocolate +Rum Sunset Cruise, Beekeeping experience, a Rastafarian roots to bar experience, as well as virtual tours on making cocoa tea and chocolate bar making.  

The Grenada Chocolate Company  
Founded in 1999, The Grenada Chocolate Company is a pioneer in organic and sustainable bean to bar chocolate production.  
The factory produces high-quality organic dark chocolate in Grenada using the world-famous Trinitario cocoa beans that grow right on their own doorstep.
If you like chocolate, don’t skip out on a great tour here.  

Crayfish Bay Organics  
This organic cocoa estate is located on the northwest corner of Grenada and is home to a 200-year-old, 15 acre-estate called Crayfish Bay Estate.  
Here visitors looking for a different type of holiday in Grenada can find self-catering accommodation. Visitors can spend a few days at the cocoa estate and at the same time get to learn more about chocolate.  

Located in St George’s, Grenada, The House of Chocolate is a unique mini museum portraying the history of chocolate.  
Here you can view some exhibits while you browse the chocolate bars, bakery, craft and other gift items available.

The ultimate chocolate experience can also be discovered at the annual Grenada Chocolate Festival which is usually held in May.



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