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Bulla Cake

Bulla cake

Before writing this blog on Bulla cake, a traditional Jamaican pastry, I did a quick online search for Swiss pastries to see if there is anything similar.  Although I did not find any, I was surprised to discover the sheer variety of Swiss pastries, some of them favourites – Carac, Swiss carrot cake, Birnbrot, and Vermicelli pastries. Bulla is the commonly used name for Bulla cake. It is made with the basic ingredients for buns along with molasses, ginger and nutmeg. Bullas are shaped like small flat loaves with varied shades of brown depending on the baker’s taste. Eaten with cheese, butter or avocado, it is a popular snack among locals, especially children.  Below are a couple easy recipes for bulla. Are there buns like bulla in Switzerland?





March 2018