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Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains

My childhood recollections of the Blue Mountains were the family trips at Newcastle and Mavis Bank during summer holidays.  Within the space of an hour we left sweltering heat in Kingston to temperate mountain air, thick morning fog and daily rains.  I was enchanted by the surrounding deep green hills with unusual flowers and fauna not seen in Kingston.

The Blue Mountain range covers approximately one-third of the island mainly toward the east.  Its highest point (2,256 meters) is modest when compared to the Alps, but its steep elevation from the coast in the space of approximately 16 kilometres makes 20 degrees difference in temperature.  

Over the years the Blue Mountain range has grown in popularity among locals and visitors alike with look-out points, camp sites, bed and breakfast lodgings, as well as several trails for walking and cycling.  It is a perfect place to feel in the centre of nature for a day or two.  Here are a few locations in the Blue Mountains worth visiting:
-    Blue Mountain Peak
-    Holywell National Park
-    Newcastle
-    Catherine’s Peak
-    Cinchona Botanical Gardens
-    Mavis Bank Coffee Tour
-    Blue Mountain Coffee Tours


January 2019