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Beaches in Jamaica and what to know about them


About beaches in Jamaica

Summer is the season when we all think of spending lazy days on the beach.

Jamaica, like the rest of the Caribbean is known for its white sand beaches.  Made mainly from calcium carbonate, the skeletal remains of coral, these beaches are big attractions to locals and visitors alike.

Over the years several public beaches have been lost to the control of property developers. Despite strong lobbies against privatization of beaches, this trend continues.  Today its hard to find white sand beaches that are completely opened to the public and free of cost. Watch this video 

Most of the better beaches charge an entry fee, usually around $5 US and more, depending on the amenities available, including lifeguards.  The positive side of this situation is that they are well maintained.  Five-star exclusive hotels’ beaches are generally only available to patrons.

On the other hand, there are several less ‘touristy’ beaches where the sands are not white, or there is no sand at all. You are unlikely to have to pay to use these locations, although their appeal might not be the same.   

There are 50 beaches open to the public around the island’s coastline. Most of them are on the north coast, with a few in the south.  Among the most popular are:

Doctors Cave Beach in Montego Bay 

Bamboo/Reggae Beach in Ocho Rios

Dunn’s River Falls beach in Ocho Rios

Boston Bay Beach in Portland

Winnifred Beach in Portland

Frenchman’s Cove in Port Antonio

Lime Cay near Kingston

Treasure Beach on the south coast in St. Elizabeth

Seven Mile Beach in Negril

Here are some other better known public beaches -  Alligator Pond, Billy’s Bay, Bluefields Beach, Calabash Bay, Font Hill Beach, Great Pedro Bay, Gut River,  Hellshire Beach, James Bond Beach, Ocean View Beach,  Rose Hall and Whitehouse Beach.

Whether a white sand beach or otherwise, in Jamaica you are never far away from them, so enjoy!

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