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Art, Design and Heroes

Jamaica's National Heroes

William Tell, the mythical Swiss hero who opposed domination and tyranny, has for centuries been admired and kept alive through stories artistically interpreted. Sculptor Richard Kissling’s 1885 larger than life, bronze statue of this 13th century hero is one of Uri’s main attractions today.

Similarly, Jamaica’s national heroes are kept alive in the consciousness of its people, in large part by the work of artists.   The National Heroes Park in Kingston is dedicated to preserving the memory of national heroes, outstanding political leaders and fallen soldiers of World Wars l and ll. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Heroes_Park

Like Tell, not all Jamaican national heroes’ physical attributes were recorded, so there is much room for artistic interpretation.   However, this is not the case with more recent heroes, for the Jamaican public demands `look alike’ artworks.

Jamaica’s national heroes are:


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Updated October 2020

October 2017