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Artsy hosted exhibition - Black History Month at EJ Galley



Artsy hosted exhibition - Black History Month at EJ Galley


With our intertwined histories, this virtual exhibition by Caribbean women artists is dedicated to celebrating Black History Month USA. The exhibition is open to the public from Monday February 7th to Friday 28th at Artsy.  Here is an introduction to the artists who are exhibiting.

Judith Salmon - Throughout Salmon’s extensive career, painting and printmaking have been bridged by wide and varied explorations of ideas and materials.  All are subjected to the elemental processes of building up or taking away. By gouging, collaging, texturing and manipulating surfaces such wood, fabric, wax, paper, she has created her unique visual language. Salmon exhibited at the National Museum of Women in the Arts, for the Tenth United Nations Decade for Women, Beijing, China. She also received the Centenary Purchase Award and the 2019 Dawn Scott Memorial award from the National Gallery of Jamaica. Salmon has a BA Liberal Arts, an MFA, Studio Art, Johnson State College, Vermont and a Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies, University of South Florida.
Judith Salmon collection


Nadine Anderson-Cheng, Jamaican artist based in Germany. Anderson Cheng is a prolific figurative artist, her artwork has grown from traditional paintings to sculptural conversation mixed media pieces, and installations of video and photography. Her works yield whimsy, melancholy and introspection. Nadine Anderson Cheng has a Master’s degree in Graphic/Environmental Design also an Honours Bachelor’s degree including intensive training in design, textiles, jewellery and sculpture.  Nadine has exhibited in the Caribbean, Florida, Chicago, New York, Köln, Basel, Geneva and London. She also donates her time and work with community projects to help women, children and the underprivileged. This endeavour includes working on her own, as well as with United Way, Ikea, Family Resource Centre and other charitable organizations.

Nadine Anderson-Cheng


Kadiejra O’Neal – Born and raised in the sunny island of Barbados, Kadiejra O’Neal is a multidisciplinary artist working predominantly in paint and photography, whose practice
thematically focuses on exploring physical and emotional relationships, which may shape or
confront the human condition, culture and identity. Kadiejra graduated in 2017 from Toronto’s Ryerson University with a BFA in Photography and has since 2013 been exhibiting works locally and internationally, with shows in Canada, China as well as the UK
Kadiejra O’Neal collection 


Gina Gray – Jamaican artist, Gina Gray’s vision is to contribute to health and wellness through art. Her passion for creating abstract art began in 2014.  Between October 2019 and July 2020, Gray participated in several US group exhibitions, both in-gallery (Ohio, California, Kansas City) and online (Special Recognition Awards received in three online exhibitions). Gray owns a gallery in Kingston, Jamaica, where she is actively involved in the art community.

Gina Gray collection


Visit the exhibition at this link: Black History Month at EJ Gallery


Also visit our gallery for contemporary Jamaican/Caribbean fine art: EJ Gallery



February 2021