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Private Art Galleries to visit in the Caribbean


Private Art Galleries to visit in the Caribbean
Understanding fine art in the Caribbean possibly starts with visiting some of the several public and private galleries in the region.  Private art galleries provide vital spaces for artworks by emerging, mid-level and advanced level artists to be seen. The COVID pandemic has seriously affected the capacities of some to keep their doors open.  Yet now more than ever they are important places for allowing viewers to step into another world to reflect, be challenged and inspired.  Here are just a few private galleries dotted across the Caribbean.


G Art Gallery and Cultural Centre
Establishes 21 years ago, the gallery has a permanent exhibition of Caribbean fine art.
Location: Piccadilly village
For more visit their Facebook page at G Art

Fig Tree Gallery
Fig Tree Gallery houses a permanent collection of artworks by over twelve Caribbean artists
Location: John Hughes Village
Get a glimpse of this gallery at Fig Tree Gallery


Gallery of Caribbean Art
The gallery houses a collection of artworks by artists from across the Caribbean and has a permanent exhibition.
Location: Speightown, St. Peter
For more details visit the Gallery of Caribbean

On the Wall Gallery
On the Wall gallery was opened by artist Vaniti Gopwani Commisiong in 2001 and has since expanded to three locations in Barbados.  To see some of the artworks at the gallery to go On the Wall Gallery



The Bahamas
The D’Aguilar Art Foundation
The gallery has a permanent collection of over 450 diverse artworks of mainly Bahamian artists.
Location: Virginia Street, Nassau
To learn more about this foundation’s contribution to contemporary art in the Bahamas go to The D’Aguilar Art Foundation


TERN Gallery
Contemporary art gallery that focuses on emerging and mid- career artists from the Bahamas and wider Caribbean.  Current exhibition ‘The Other Side of the Pentaprism’ showing until October 30th
Location: Mahogany Hill, Nassau
For more on the current and past exhibitions, visit TERN Gallery


Alma Blou Gallery
The gallery was established in 1996, and hosts a range of artists and styles, mainly from the Caribbean. The current exhibition is dedicated to the gallery’s 25th year – Art Feeds the Soul.
Location: 4 Frater Radulphusweg, Willemstad
To learn more about this gallery’s evolution go to Alma Blou Gallery



Art House 473
Art House 473 is a hub for visual artists, owned by Susan Mains and Asher Mains, who also own Art and Soul gallery.  Art classes is a key aspect of the service offered at Art House in addition to exhibitions.
Location Calliste, St. Georges
To learn more about this hub visit the Art House 473



Gallery Monnin
Established in 1959 and run by the Monnin family for three generations. The gallery showcased works of some of Haiti’s leading visual artists.
Location: Petionville
To see a few of the outstanding artworks go to Gallery Monnin



Hi Qo Art & Framing Gallery
Began in 1970 and has a permanent collection of well-known Jamaica master artists works.
Location: Waterloo Road, Kingston

The Frame Centre Gallery
A family-owned gallery that has been in operation since 1972. Artworks by contemporary Jamaican artists can be seen at the Frame Centre Gallery
Location: Ardenne Road, Kingston
For more  information visit The Frame Centre Gallery

The Olympia Gallery
It is the largest private gallery space in Jamaica has been exhibiting artworks for over 30 years. Their current exhibition is a solo exhibition of prints P.J. Stewart.
 Location: Hope Road, Kingston
For on update on current and future exhibitions go to The Olympia Gallery


Readytex Art Gallery
Readytex was established in 1993 and is committed to supporting and representing artists who are at early, mid and advance levels in their career.
Location: Steenbakkerijstraat 30, Paramaribo
To learn more about the gallery go to Readytex Art Gallery



The Dominican Republic
Lyle O Reitzel Gallery
This leading gallery in the Latin American and Caribbean region, began in 1995 and since then has to Miami and New York, USA.
Location: Av. Gustavo Mejía Ricart, Santa Domingo
For more go to Lyle O Reitzel Gallery
Lucy Garcia Arte contemporáneo

In 2014 Lucy Garcia opened the gallery with the ambition to make art a vital necessity rather then an object for consumption.  
Location: Calle Federico Geraldino #83, Plaza Mezzaluna, Santa Domingo
For more on the artists hosted by the gallery go to Lucy Garcia Art Gallery


Trinidad and Tobago
The Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago (ASTT)
Founded in 1943, this is the oldest established art organization in the Caribbean that nurtures, promotes and protects the visual arts.
Location: Saint Vincent Avenue, Port of Spain
To get the latest news on their exhibitions go at ASTT

Medulla Art Gallery
According to Culture Trip  Medulla was established to carry on and develop the traditions of Aquarela Galleries.  Medulla provides a space for art appreciation, education, dialogue and critique with public participation through exhibitions, workshops and forums.
Location: Fitt Street, Woodbrook, Port of Spain  
To learn more about the current exhibition go to Medulla Art Gallery


Also visit our gallery for contemporary Jamaican/Caribbean fine art at EJ Art Gallery

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