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South Coast Travel

South Coast Travel
Traveling along the south coast road is not as picturesque as the north coast routes. For the most part the roads are inland. So the sea views along the north coast roads hardly exists in the south.  Instead, the drive takes you through Jamaica’s agricultural heartland.  
There are several towns on route, should you avoid the highway and take the secondary road from Kingston to Negril. Among these towns are:

Spanish Town is the capital of the parish of St. Catherine. It was the first capital of Jamaica during Spanish colonization in the 1400s and later for the British. 

Old Harbour is known for its fishing villages and deep seaport where bauxite and sugar are exported.

May Pen is a major regional town, capital of Clarendon and a hub for the agricultural sector

Mandeville is a major commercial centre, capital of Manchester with a large expatriate population and an important hub for the bauxite industry

Black River is among the oldest European towns and the capital of St. Elizabeth, which sits at the mouth of the island’s longest river, Black River. 

Savanna-la- Mar is another bustling commercial centre and the capital of Westmoreland.

Most tourist attractions are toward the south western end of the island. These previously unrecognised locations are drawing greater attention as the tourism industry expands.  Here is a list of some of these attractions
Mineral Bath
Manchester Golf Club in Mandeville, Manchester
Beach and water sports
YS Falls in St. Elizabeth
Fonthill Beach Park, St. Elizabeth
Bluefields Bay Beach, Westmoreland
Places of interests
Appleton Rum Estate in Siloah, St. Elizabeth
Holland Bamboo Grove, St. Elizabeth
Invercauld great house, St. Elizabeth
Lovers Leap at Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth
Accompong Maroon Village in Maggoty, St. Elizabeth
Black River Safari at Black River, St. Elizabeth
Roaring River Caves, Westmoreland
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