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NGJ Dawn Scott Memorial Award

NGJ Dawn Scott Memorial Award

The National Gallery of Jamaica is delighted to announce the winners of the 3rd edition of the Dawn Scott Memorial Award, selected by Edward M. Gómez. This year two artists were selected for the award Judith Salmon and Shoshanna Weinberger.  Judith Salmon’s artwork is titled Mother, Mother, Mother l, ll, lll (2019). Shoshanna Weinberger’s two award winning works are titled Midnight Selfies with One Sunset and Tropical Tan (2019)

Presented in honor and memory of Alison Dawn Scott (1951-2010), whose multifaceted body of work encompassed drawing, painting, sculpture, architectural design, and sophisticated batik fabric-dyeing techniques. Scott's art often evoked timely social-cultural and political themes.

The selection of Salmon and Weinberger works were made by art critic and art historian Edward M. Gómez.  He explained that ‘(the award) recognizes the creativity and originality of the artworks you exhibited in the 2019 Summer Exhibition, as well as aspects of your work that evoke the artistic and philosophical principles that distinguished Dawn Scott's thinking, teaching, art-making and activism.

Those principles and values include proficiency and innovation in your handling of your materials, fresh ideas about the expressive power of art, and a sense of courage in the way you address your chosen subject matter.’


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July 2019