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Paul Blackwood

‘I see myself as a true to life artist, whose work must always be a mystery but easily identified’

This is how Paul Blackwood describes himself and his art.  Paul is a self-taught artist based in Kingston.  From early childhood he has always had the desire to create works of art and even has ‘fence exhibitions’ in his hometown at Whitehouse, Westmoreland.

Paul started painting as a profession in 1982 and had his first international exhibition in London in 1985. Since then his career burgeoned with numerous exhibitions both locally and internationally. Between 1985 and 2007 he exhibited in United States of America, Canada, Europe and the Caribbean.  In July 2006 Paul was honored as “Best in the Show’ at the art and music festival at Prince George County, New York.

Paul attributes his success to wisdom from God and strong discipline.  His works are done in oil and collages as he continues to strive for excellence while encouraging and assisting potential young artists.


Artwork By This Artist

Price: CHF 1,721.00

Oil on canvas

Paul Blackwood-Burlap Girl-332
Price: CHF 4,984.00

50 x 66cm, oil on canvas, collage - burlap on canvas

Paul Blackwood-Money, money-264
Price: CHF 4,990.00

51x76cm oil on canvas, collage - burlap and embossed paper

Paul Blackwood-It is all good-376
Price: CHF 5,419.00

51x76cm oil on canvas collage, burlap and embossed paper

Paul Blackwood-Harmony Time-267
Price: CHF 1,894.00

Oil on canvas, embedded paper and burlap, 61x20cm

Paul Blackwood-West end Ponciana-343
Price: CHF 2,102.00

Year: 2016

51x76cm, oil on canvas

Paul Blackwood-Twin Masks-416
Price: CHF 1,449.00

46 x25 oil on canvas

Paul Blackwood-Lover Girl-489
Price: CHF 1,721.00

Oil on canvas with burlap - collage

Paul Blackwood-What you see-471
Price: CHF 1,884.00

61x20, Oil on canvas, collage with embosed paper and burlap